25 To Life - Rip


It's kinda cool you know, being a gangsta, killing people, robbing banks, using civilians as human shield xD 
25 To Life, it's an old game where the gameplay is on TPS, and yeah, The graphic still looks sucks, but you know, Graphic doesn't really matter, the most important aspect is the Gameplay & Storyline..

NFO : 

What's Ripped? 
Musics and Cutscenes Only..
Sound Effect etc aren't ripped! 

Download :

Single Link - http://adf.ly/K9xxV
289MB | BillionUploads | RAR Password : eagle3zio.blogspot.com

How To Install : 

1. Extract
2. Run _Unpak.bat
3. Wait for installation in CMD
4. Press any key when installation finished, it'll close the CMD
5. Copy Crack in "Crack" Folder then paste it on the Game Folder, if asked to overwrite, choose "Yes" 
6. Run TLL.exe / TLLLauncher.exe 
Note (For Windows 7) :  Run TLL.exe / TLLLauncher.exe with Windows XP SP3 Compability Mode & Run As Administrator 

Sumber : eagle3zio.blogspot.com

Gameplay :

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