LUMID 3sixty packs perfect design and specifications to experience the perfect smartphone.

A couple months ago, technology world, especially smartphones world, has been surprised by some new brands that born their first or second products in a really high specifications with a really affordable prices. Let's say OnePlus and Xiaomi, those two Chinese brands have proved to the world that they can also make great products just as great as the big brands like Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola, etc. Didn't stop to that point, surprisingly, they offer really great prices for their flagships, OnePlus One and Xiaomi Mi4.
We just can't deny that OnePlus and Xiaomi have set a new standard for flagship smartphones this year. Even though, we have to admit that they don't have good service centers around the world as the big brands have. But still, they offer undeniable attractive flagship devices.
With all new standards in flagship devices from new comers, we actually have known one thing that every flagship devices is made around US $200 to US $300. We have known that for a long time, but we also know that the big brands are not only sell their products, they also sell their advertises and services. What make the big brands products become so expensise? They need to make expensive advertising and grow service centers so fast. But the new comers, set up a high quality products at super affordable price for one reason, popularity. They need to change people perceptions about the greatness of the products itself, not by how it will do after sale service. Because every high quality products actually can maintain its quality more than a year or two. Yes, almost every flagship products is really good at their first year while under their guarantee cards. That means, almost all flagship devices never use their guarantee cards, funny fact.
So we known that big brands have good advertising and services while new comers have attractive prices and products.
As a new comer, we've learned a lot from OnePlus and Xiaomi. We've also learned a lot from the big brands on how they maintain their customers. We've made a solid team to birth a great smartphone at a great price. And we don't want it to stop at that points, we want more, more than great, more than attractive, we want it to be perfect, outside and inside. We present you, the perfect smartphone, LUMID 3sixty.
We put a lot of things to make LUMID 3sixty as the perfect smartphone, in form of points of Design, Specification, and Features. Here is the spoiler what should LUMID 3sixty brings to you as a perfect smartphone:
  • Fashionable design with best built quality
  • 5.0 inch FullHD display that perfectly comfortable to handle
  • Corning's Gorilla Glass 3rd Generation for screen protection
  • Fastest 64 bit processor in the world
  • 4 GB of RAM / 32 GB of ROM
  • Expandable storage via microSD up to 128 GB
  • Dual SIM cards with 4G LTE support on SIM1 and GSM on SIM2.
  • 20 MP f/1.8 aperture autofocus for main camera with dual led flash lights
  • 8 MP f/2.0 aperture autofocus for front camera
  • Monstrous 4.320 mAh removable battery
  • Unique notification lights with a lot of fuctionality
  • Latest 64 bit of Android OS and 2 years of updates support
  • Water and dust proof with IP67 certification
  • NFC for e-payment, data transfer, etc.
  • Bluetooth, Wifi, GPS
  • Wireless Charging support
  • Affordable price at under USD 400
  • Any other features that backers want if we reach some goals.
What could make LUMID 3sixty any better? It's you!


It's our hard job to make you love LUMID 3sixty at the first sight, but it's also our pleasure to bring you the best we can do to LUMID 3sixty's design. Please enjoy the the beautifully designed LUMID 3sixty.
When fashion meets technology, and the technology advances to the highest level, LUMID 3sixty is born. We know, you have been bored with every smartphones designs on the market. They just copy each other design, and said it's brand new and revolutionary design. Even, some of them just make the same design every year by only enlarge the display. But not with LUMID 3sixty, LUMID 3sixty was made from scratch, we designed an inch by inch to make sure you and everyone who see LUMID 3sixty will love the design. We also really care on how it will feel in your hand, it need to be feel fantastic yet comfortable to handle.

The unique design from LUMID 3sixty can be acknowledge from its rounding corners and sides. While other flagship devices design only round either its corners only or its side only, LUMID 3sixt give you the best design in rounding its corners and sides. Makes you feel so much comfort while holding it on your hands.
From the front view you can see the 5 inch display along with ear speaker and front camera. You won't see any notification lights in front. Yeah, you don't look nor read false, LUMID 3sixty doesn't come with front notification lights. LUMID 3sixty does the breakthough by putting a sophisticated back notification lights. Onthe back view, you can see an easy removable back cover, a main camera, dual flash lights, stereo speaker hole, and amazing back notification lights. LUMID 3sixty comes with 8 multicolors LED notification around the main camera, it will play a beautiful combination for each notifications. Amazing!
With the newest display technology, we found nothing usefull to use 2K display for smartphones. And we've learned that using more than 5 inch display will reduce the comfort while holding the smartphone. So, we got the perfect combination for the display. LUMID 3sixty will adopt 5.0 inch at FullHD resolution. Along with its sharp and crisp display, LUMID 3sixty trusts The Corning's Gorilla Glass 3rd Generation to keep the screen away from scratch.
The narrow edge of LUMID 3sixty gives you the most compact 5 incher smartphone. Just lovely fit on your hand to handle.

LUMID 3sixty is designed to have seamless buttons. That means the button will not boringly looks emerging so obvious from the front view. On the top body, you'll find a power button, while on the left side of smartphone body you'll find volume button and camera button. Even though it looks seamless, it's still comfortable to press.
Beside its seamless button, you'll find on the top body, a jack audio slot covered by waterproof cover to keep it away from water. On bottom of body, you'll also find a microSD slot covered by waterproof cover.
All in all, design is about built quality. No matter how amazing your design looks without great built quality. Thankfully, LUMID 3sixty is made from the best built quality for its body. With a strong polycarbonate around its body, LUMID 3sixty is also given a great real metal touch at its top and bottom body. Feel the premium built quality in your hands while the others keep their eyes on its premium metal with titanium finishing touch. And that's just awesome!
Not only beautifully designed, LUMID 3sixty is also designed to be able to use under extreme condition such as wet and dusty ones. The tough design makes LUMID 3sixty as good as IP67 cerification for water and dust resistant.


Beside its beauty, LUMID 3sixty also packs a massive cutting-edge technology for flagship smartphone. Not like its competitor who packs unmatched technology between hardware and software, LUMID 3sixty comes with a real 64bit hardware and software.


Lumid 3sixty packs the fastest 64bit processor at launch. It's either Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 or Mediatek MT6795, whichever possible or faster is nearly become the heart of LUMID 3sixty.
Along with its powerful SoC, LUMID 3sixty will be bundled with 4GB RAM, that shoul make sure to you that LUMID 3sixty is 64bit device ready. And for storage capacity, LUMID 3sixty will have at least 32GB of ROM, but can still be extended with microSD slot up to 128GB. That makes your LUMID 3sixty will be ready for extreme multitasking and huge entertainment files.
Perfect either for selfie or groupie! A wide angled, autofocus, f/2.0 aperture, 8MP camera. It's not only take great selfie or groupie, it also ensure you to have a great pictures under a low light as it packs a large aperture for low light photography. This hardware maybe become a main camera in other smartphones, but you might be amaze on how the main camera is.
LUMID 3sixty packs the best camera sensor available in the market. It's f/1.8 aperture, 6 physical lenses 20MP autofocus camera. It allows you to have a professional camera quality, amaze your friends with its photography quality. Give you best result under low light condition, thanks to its f/1.8 aperture. And don't afraid to take pictures under very low light condition as LUMID 3sixty also packs dual LED flash lights.
With all those cutting-edge specs, LUMID 3sixty needs a huge capacity battery. So, LUMID 3sixty will packs a monstrous 4,320 mAh battery to keep it alive at full power for more than 12 hours! Get a full day entertainment along with you with all of its potential. It also comes with a fast charging 2V charger.


LUMID 3sixty will pack the 64bit operating system from Android as the hardware is fully support the 64bit architecture. Enjoy the faster and smoother anything on your LUMID 3sixty.


LUMID 3sixty has shown you the highest hardware and software possible potential from a smartphone. That's why we called it the perfect smartphone. Now, we just have to add the flagship features to make it more and more perfect each time you use it.
Have you ever imagine to be a professional photographer? or you are a professional photographer that likes full manual configuration just like you DSLR? LUMID 3sixty is the right choice for you. It allows you to choose manual setting for your output, such as long shutter speed, ISO, focus, etc. Give you chance to get a professional photography result for your hobbies. Dual action camera button allow you to take a focus by half pressed it then that pictures by fully pressed it. LUMID 3sixty gives you the freedom to make a perfect photography.
Welcome the wireless charging technology on LUMID 3sixty. It's now more convenient to charge your device just to put it on any qi wireless charger.
Another features will be coming soon.

Who are we?

Lumid Project Team is a team under PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia that responsible to Lumid Smartphones brand. PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia itself is a start-up company in smartphone industry. But PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia has been up in online marketing and fashion industry for more than 3 years. Now, PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia have some great talents in IT & Telecommunication those many of them are graduated from Bandung Telkom Institute of Technology. With these talents, PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia starts to create an IT&Telco Department under its name. Lumid is one of the first project being run and develop from June 2014.

What we need?

As a start-up company, PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia and its Lumid Project Team doesn't have much financial to produce the smartphones by itself. So we are making a great project and proposal to the world through Indiegogo. The project name is Lumid 3sixty: The Perfect Smartphone. The project itself have been clear that we want to make a perfect smartphone. Lumid 3sixty has everyone's needs inside, this is also the answer of everyone who want a great all-rounder smartphone at a price like Xiaomi Mi4 or OnePlus One, but better.
To realize this project, actually we need to make at least 100.000 smartphones to press the price down. And we want to make a $300 costed smartphone for Lumid 3sixty, that's why it's better in specs head to head with Samsung Galaxy S5 or LG G3 or any phones in the world those cost only around $250 to make one. And that's even not include R&D cost. So, we got the selling price $360 is like we sell Lumid 3sixty at a cost, nearly got no profit for it. But it's okay, because it's not only our projects, it's your project too, Backers! You have the right to feel the best phone in the world at lowest cost! You are one of the Lumid 3sixty's maker too.
If we calculate the cost it needs to produce 100.000 units then we need $30.000.000 funds. And we only need 10% funds to start and that's about $3.000.000. Yeah, we know, it's a big number, but it's the smartphone world. You have to make so many units to reduce its cost. This is a big proposal, we want you to participate and make it happen! We can make the best phone in the world, the perfect smartphone, together! We need you.

What if we didn't reach our goals?

You have known that we choose to have flexible funding. That means every money you fund us, it will be used by our team to proceed the project. We know, Indiegogo will be cut 9% of the fundings if we didn't get the target. But, we will continue the project as we are not only use Indiegogo to fund us, we also do the person to person investment in our country to make it happen. In Indiegogo, backers will have all the priority to get Lumid 3sixty at the price.
So, reach or not reach the target, we will commit to continue the progress and bring Lumid 3sixty to the world.

What you get?

You will be the priority to have LUMID 3sixty at early productions. And you can choose the perks:
1. Buy 1 LUMID 3sixty for $360 with free shipping and insurance fee.
2. Buy 1 LUMID 3sixty for $410 ($360 + $50 insurance and worldwide shipping fee).
3. Buy 2 LUMID 3sixty for $770 ($720 + $50 insurance and worldwide shipping fee). You save $50 extra shipping fee.
4. Buy 3 LUMID 3sixty for $1,130 ($1.080 + $50 insurance and worldwide shipping fee). You save $100 extra shipping fee.
This is the perks for bussinessmen.
5. $31.000 to become our authorized reseller. We will guarantee your success as you store name will be listed on our offcial webpage. You will get 100 units of LUMID 3sixty exclude shipping fee to your store.
6. $1.000.000 to become our angel investor. We will make 36 limited units of LUMID 3sixty that have real 21k Gold on top and bottom of its body. You will have one of them. And also, as our angel investor, you have the right to the profit sharing. In the end of December 2015, you'll get our annual company report, we will return your $1.000.000 invesment + 30% of profit sharing. This is a sweet opportunity to try on. We have a solid team and under our company, PT Binar Lumyna Indonesia, your investment will be secure.
7. $10.000.000 to become on of a kind investor. Our team will meet you at your place, we will arrange a strategy with you to open the company that linked to our company. You will have access to 70% profit sharing of the company.
8. Support us by contributing $1, help us spreading the words and help every people in the world know that we, The Perfect Smartphones, do exist.
9. Support us by contributing $50, you will get our exclusive t-shirt and help us spreading the words. Your name will also be listed in our LUMID 3sixty founder section in the official website.
10. Only $36 to commit now. You will be guarateed in getting LUMID 3sixty later.

Our Goals

1. If we reach $36.000.000, we'll bring the service centers in Europe and USA to bring buyers' convenient in those two big markets.

F.A.Q section

We will answer the most things that questioned to us here in this section.

Last but not least

We are nothing without you.
If you like this project and love to see this project happen, please help us by share it to the world via Facebook or Twitter or Google Plus or anything else. Help us make our and people who love greatest technology's dream come true. Share it to the world! Thank you!

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